Spots & Slots 2011

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Anglers will take to the water looking for redfish this Saturday April 30 for the Spots & Slots Redfish Tournament. Normally during a redfish tournament everyone is trying to catch the fattest fish within the eighteen to twenty-seven inch Florida slot limit.

Although that’s not the case this weekend, the amount of spots on your redfish will make or break your day. Each fish brought to the scales will be awarded one point for each inch up to twenty-seven and one point for each spot. For example a twenty-two inch fish with fourteen spots would have a score of thirty-six.

Another great thing about Spots & Slots is that you don’t even need a boat to participate. You can fish from land, on a pier, wade fish, kayak, or of course by boat.

There are four different divisions; open, team of two, kayak, and junior. First, second, and third places will be awarded in each division.

The open division winner will be determined by the individual angler who brings in the redfish with the highest score. Entry into the open is only $100 and the winner will win a guaranteed top prize of $1,000.

The “team of two” division is what makes this event special. You can team up with anyone you wish and enter for $100 per team. The top team will also be awarded a guaranteed $1,000. You can enter as a team with as many people as you wish whether they are fishing on a boat with you, on another boat, or by land, and your scores will be added together at the count-in.

For more information visit or call Hot Spots Bait and Tackle at (850) 916-7176.


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